About Eat Japan

Founded in 2013 by Scott Brills, Eat Japan was created to introduce the casual traveler to off-the-beaten-track experiences in the country he has called home on numerous occasions throughout his life.

Having studied in Japan in 2001 during his university days, he quickly fell in love, which would lead to him returning back nearly every year thereafter.

Beginning with a few stints working as a waiter and bartender at hotels and restaurants in the west of the country, he went on to have a stint DJ’ing in Kyoto, worked at a ski lodge in Nagano, and even co-founded a hotel and restaurant consulting firm in Tokyo in 2006.

Because of his love for Japan, Scott delights in leading the occasional small group tour through the country, and introducing guests to the myriad ways in which Japan is such a special country. Knowing that he couldn’t always be there to show Japan off in-person, he started Eat Japan in order to assist others in making their bucket list trip to Japan come to fruition.

Nowadays Scott is assisted by a small team in Japan that helps out with itinerary planning and reservations for our guests. Together, the Eat Japan team has assisted with dozens of trips around the country, for groups of all ages and sizes.

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